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dnm_logs's Journal

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oh lawdy!
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Inoshi Yamanaka: my love will you do me the favour, nay, HONOUR, of joining the dnm_logs community
Nightambre: I will go do so now. <3
Inoshi Yamanaka: THANK you <3
Nightambre: ... Azerbaijan?
Inoshi Yamanaka: you can take the logs out of azerbaigan, but you can't take the azerbaijan out of the logs, jeannie

Collective log file dump for damnninjamux. Please use an LJ cut when posting, and tag each entry with the names of characters involved and whether the log is IC or OOC. Feel free to post non-RP logs, especially OOC discussions of import, such as discussions about plot lines, policies, characters, and so forth.

Please hit up damnninjamux for mod and staff information.

Social capital

  • less than 10